Frequently asked questions

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein found widely in the body in areas such as you skin tendons and tissues.

Why should I take collagen supplements?

The body makes its own collagen, but this becomes more tricky with as we age. Lifestyle preferences such as smoking, drinking alcohol or a less than perfect diet can also affect the production of collagen negatively. Collagen Supplements can help top up the body’s natural supply of collegen, which in turn can help with the delivery of vitamins and minerals around the body.

How many collagen drinks can I consume each day?

Envie Skin Drinks uses 6 grams of collagen in some of our drinks, which means its safe to consume to 2-3 of our drinks per day, depending on body weight.

Where is the collagen Envie Skin Drinks uses sourced from?
Envie Skin Drinks uses marine collagen, extracted from marine animals.
Are Envie Skin Drinks vegan?

We have a selection of vegan drinks at our shop, although Thrive is our only Vegan drink available to buy online at present.

Are there any side affects to taking Collagen?

There are no confirmed side-affects to taking collagen supplements.